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New Album release/What a difference a day made

Ms. Cuellar began this project in late 2020 and completed it in 2021 and release date will be in January 2022. This is my first Latin/Jazz music project. I am very excited to present these songs to you and also having the opportunity to have  two of my original songs in this musical grouping.  

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Native Houstonian Ermelinda Cuellar is releasing her second CD project called "What a difference a day made". Over the years performing around the Houston Metropolitan area. I always heard requests from fans when will you release a Spanish/Latin CD.   In 2020 seemed like the perfect time to begin gathering the songs that touched me and to begin to find people musicians with the same mindset and work together as a team. Who are the musicians? They are very well know in Houston music community and scene. Top notch jazz players and all around good people. We have Gilbert Sedeño (piano), Greg Petito (guitar), Anthony Caceres (bass), Andre Hayward (Trombone), Marlon Simon (drums and percussion) and the late Anibal Ambert (percussion). These gentlemen brought their knowledge and love for music to this  project.  Why the Title "What a difference a day made"? It's one of the songs in this project but also because we often in life do not know what the future may hold and sometimes when things look the darkest the simple thing as another day can bring a new perspective. This project is in English and Spanish. I chose jazz standards that mean a lot to me and also spanish songs that I have heard as a child in my parents home. These songs bring me a comfort and joy to me and I hope to you too,


What A Difference a Day Made

Ermelinda Cuellar

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